With so many HVAC contractors in Merrimack Valley to choose from, it can be hard to know which one will be the best choice for your HVAC project. You’d like to think that every single one that advertises themselves as a “high-quality HVAC contractor” truly is, but unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. Some illegitimate HVAC companies are in this business to get your money, do a shoddy job and then completely disappear.

That’s why in today’s blog post, we’re going to go over how to find the best HVAC contractor for your next HVAC service. Luckily, at Lamco Systems, we are a trusted and reliable HVAC company that services Merrimack Valley, and we can handle any of your heating or cooling needs.

Ranging from HVAC repairs to installations, our team is trained and experienced to handle it all. In fact, we’re Massachusetts’ Top Rated Local® HVAC Specialists for both homeowners and business owners in the area. Ready to choose an HVAC contractor you can trust to get the job done right the first time around? Contact us today for more information.

Continue reading below for a few tips on finding the best HVAC contractor in Merrimack Valley for your next HVAC service.

Do Your Research

Never blindly hire an HVAC contractor to work on your HVAC system without doing some research first. Check out the reviews of the company you’re interested in hiring online. You don’t want to hire a company and then find out later that they continuously receive awful reviews.

Also, make sure that the company you hire is properly licensed and insured. Simply ask for these qualifications, and a legitimate HVAC contractor will gladly provide you with them.

Pro tip: You can find nationally recognized HVAC contractors in your area by using this tool, provided by Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Get Referrals From People You Trust

Talk to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to see what HVAC company they use. If you can trust these people, you have no reason to believe the referral they provide you will give you anything less than top-notch HVAC services.

Ask Questions

Since you’re hiring a professional to work on something as valuable as your HVAC system, don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you have on your mind. If you’re unsure of specific questions you should be asking your HVAC company of interest, we’ve listed a few below for your convenience:

  • “Can you provide me with proper documentation of your licensing, liability insurance and bonding?”
  • “How many years of experience do you have in the HVAC industry?”
  • “Can you provide me with a list of references of clients who have used your HVAC services before?”
  • “How much will this HVAC service cost me?”

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