A boiler is the part of an HVAC system that heats a home and/or provides hot water. When a boiler is installed to heat a home, the steam that is produced is what will increase the temperature. A boiler creates steam by super-heating liquid which then turns into steam. The steam then moves through the duct work and is released through the vents.

Many homeowners choose to use a boiler because it can do more than one job at a time (heat water and create heat to increase the temperature of a home). The boiler also produces hot water and heat in a more cost effective manner than when utilizing two separate units. Installing a boiler makes a home more energy efficient and green due to the closed-loop system that it utilizes to produce hot air and water. This one apparatus becomes an integral portion of the overall HVAC system.

Importance of a Working Boiler

When a homeowner goes for a boiler installation to take over for the furnace and the hot water heater, they choose to do so for many reasons, including cost. Like anything, having a working boiler is incredibly important to the overall comfort of those that reside within a home. Since a boiler does the job of two, when boiler repair is needed, the residents of a home may go without heat and warm water. A broken boiler is a real nuisance.

A boiler that needs professional repair can also put a huge dent in your bank account. Small problems that could have been fixed with regular boiler maintenance services may turn into a multi-thousand dollar fix. Since a boiler is a closed-loop system, these need to be inspected by certified professionals.

Signs a Furnace Needs Repair

A boiler will receive regular use if the heat and the hot water are used multiple times per day. Since a boiler should only be serviced by a professional, many homeowners skip regular maintenance. For homeowners it is important to understand the signs that show it is time for boiler repair:

  • Old Boilers: With time (and excessive use), a boiler will begin to break down.
  • Discolored Water/Odd Odors: Any metallic smells, discolored water, etc. could be due to a malfunction within the closed system of a boiler. Call a professional right away.
  • Water Leaks: A boiler is a closed system, any water outside of the boiler is a problem.
  • Luke Warm Water: Inefficient water heating may be due to damaged coils or sludge build-up.
  • Failing Heat Flow: The problem likely lies in a malfunction with a heating coil, sludge, or other internal system.
  • Clangs/Bangs/Whining: Any unusual sounds are a sign that a boiler needs repair. Letting these sounds go unchecked may mean that a boiler will begin to overheat or fail.

For boiler maintenance, repair, or installation services you need to contact the professional HVAC team at Lamco Systems Inc. We can help you with all of your boiler needs!