Importance of a Working Furnace

The winters in the Northeast can be bitterly cold. This is the time of year in which you rely heavily upon your HVAC system, specifically, the furnace. To ensure that a furnace is functioning correctly it is important that you keep up with regular furnace maintenance. A neglected furnace can break down, become hazardous, or cost thousands to repair or replace.

Benefits of Replacing a Furnace

Replacing an old and worn out furnace is one of the better home improvement projects that a homeowner can undertake. Over the past few years the technology surrounding HVAC units has improved significantly. Installing a new furnace not only improves comfort, it cuts down on energy bills and makes a home more attractive to potential buyers.

A new furnace will use less energy while operating more efficiently. This is especially important for people that do not live in warm or temperate climates. When heating bills begin to add up, a more energy efficient furnace will save thousands in the long run.

Signs a Furnace Needs Repair

Maintaining the working order of a furnace is crucial to staying warm in the winter. Here are some signs that you need to bring in Lamco Systems Inc. for professional furnace repair:

  • Abnormal sounds: clanking, banging, hissing, whining, and any other loud noises should be investigated by a professional.
  • Low heat flow: When increasing the heater does not result in heating of the house, you will need professional furnace repair services immediately.
  • Outrageously expensive energy bills: running the heater will naturally increase energy costs. Any abnormal spike in cost means that the furnace is operating inefficiently.
  • Poor air quality output: A furnace that is in need of repair will give off warm air that is full of mold, dust, bacteria, etc.

When you are in need of help with your furnace or HVAC system, contact Lamco Systems Inc. When a HVAC system is not functioning properly, we can assess and resolve any problem!