More Than 50 Years In THE HEATING Business!

Lamco Systems Inc. has been providing the Merrimack Valley, and greater Boston area with expert HVAC system installation services of furnaces, boilers, ventilation, and AC systems since 1967! We can help you keep warm in the winter, breathe easier, or stay cool in the summer. It is our main priority to keep your home and office as comfortable as possible! When heating and cooling systems need to be repair, installed, or upgraded, there is no other service in the area that offers our expertise.

Explained below are the three main types of furnace installation and other heating products that are available for your home or office. Call Lamco Systems Inc today and one of our designers will help guide you through the process to pick out the best option for your project


A furnaces is a warm air systems that can be oil, natural gas or propane-fired and they provide heat through a sheet metal duct system with connecting registers and grilles. Many newer, higher-efficiency gas and propane furnaces can have up to a 97% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), a measure of overall energy performance. What does this mean for you, lower monthly energy costs and fuel costs while you and your family still stay nice and warm.


Just like warm air furnaces, a boiler system can utilize oil, natural gas, or propane. However, boiler systems either generate hot water or steam that will heat up cast iron radiators or copper fin baseboard. Hot water boilers can also supply hot water to a hot water coil that is connected to an air handler, commonly known as Hydro-Air. Radiant floor warming is yet another option for these hot water boilers. Radiant floor warming circulates warm water beneath your floor through flexible plastic tubing that runs from wall to wall so every corner of the room has heat.

Heat Pump (Air to Air):

Heat pumps are both an air-conditioning and a heating system in one. During the hot summer months, they supply cool air to your home or business. In colder months, the heat pump basically runs the air conditioning system in reverse to heat your home or business. These heat pumps draw warm air from outside even on the coldest days to heat your home through sheet metal ductwork with connecting registers and grilles. A heat pump’s heating efficiency is rated in HSPF (Heating System Performance Factor). The higher the number, the higher the efficiency and the lower it will cost to run this type of heating system. Heat pumps are sometimes paired with other systems, such as furnaces, to create a dual fuel hybrid system.