Have you discovered that your furnace is leaky? Furnaces leaking water is a common complaint, and there are several potential causes. Here are possible reasons why your furnace is leaking.

Condensation Leak

You have a high-efficiency furnace if its vent pipes are made of PVC, and you have a standard-efficiency furnace if the pipes are metal. Condensation leaks are a common problem for high-efficiency furnaces because they produce condensation through heat extraction from the exhaust, which is supposed to drain through a tube. If this tube is damaged or clogged, the condensation has nowhere to go, and that is what causes the leak. If your standard-efficiency furnace is leaking, it could be that your flue pipe is the wrong size, but this problem is more unusual.

Humidifier Leak

A leaky furnace may be because of a faulty humidifier. If you suspect this is the case, call Lamco Systems immediately to set up a furnace repair appointment before further damage is caused.

Secondary Heat Exchanger

Your furnace’s secondary heat exchanger could also be causing the leak. If this is the case, you will likely want a brand new furnace, because this is a particularly costly repair.

Internal Drain System Clog

If there is a clog in your internal drain system for your HVAC system, it could be funneling water into your furnace.

If you need professional intervention for a leaky furnace, look no further than Lamco Systems. We are your furnace repair experts in the Boston area. We can help you get your furnace back to tip-top shape, just in time for winter.