Winter in Boston probably does not make you think about your air conditioner too much, unless you are considering how much the winter air feels like an AC on full blast! However, there are several reasons you should consider having Lamco Systems Inc. come in and install a new AC for you this winter.

Saves time

Air conditioner installation is a lot simpler in the winter, and therefore, takes less time. As you can imagine, installing an air conditioner in a hot attic is not an easy task. Working in a more comfortable room temperature helps us to work more quickly, saving you time.

Saves money

At Lamco Systems Inc., we like to offer our clients specials year round, but especially for off-season services. Air conditioning units are generally less expensive from the manufacturer in the middle of winter as well. Additionally, your utility company may offer rebates in the winter, so it is best to act now.

Get in before the rush

It is a common experience for an HVAC company to suddenly get an influx of new clients the first day it is really warm in the spring. After all, no one has even been considering whether their AC is in good condition or not, and then suddenly, it becomes their number one priority. By having us install your air conditioner in the off-season, you can ensure that you won’t spend the first few warm days of the year in discomfort!

Peace of mind

Taking care of your air conditioning now means that you don’t have to worry about it in the future. With that money already spent, you can make room for other home improvement projects in your financial and time budget.
Don’t wait; call Lamco Systems for your air conditioner installation today!