Unless you’re an HVAC contractor in Merrimack Valley, your ears probably don’t perk up when you overhear a conversation about air conditioning systems. At Lamco Systems, we understand that unless your AC unit is not working, you probably don’t think about it much. However, there are some interesting facts about air conditioners you ought to know.

In today’s article, we’re going to share six interesting facts about air conditioning systems that you probably didn’t know already. While these facts may not help keep your AC unit be maintained, they will spice up your dinner party conversations.

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Interesting Air Conditioner Facts

#1. Willis Carrier, 1902

More than 100 years ago, the first air conditioner was invented and used, but not for keeping people cool. Instead, Willis Carrier wanted to control the humidity of a New York publishing house. The AC unit helped dry the ink faster, reduce smudging, and kept the paper from contracting and expanding.

#2. Summertime Blockbusters

As a marketing effort, moviemakers would release their films in the summer so that more people would pay to see them — and find an air-conditioned room to escape the blistering heat outside. Not only did the moviemakers capitalize on the heat, but they also got more people to see their films.

#3. Medical Procedures

Did you ever think air conditioning could help save lives? Some advances in medicine required that procedures and treatments be performed in a specific climate. Air conditioners help create these climates. Yes, air conditioners have indirectly saved lives.

#4. Allergy Relief

We’ll be the first to say that air conditioners cannot cure allergies. However, air quality is a primary factor in the severity of your allergies while in your home. The filters in your HVAC system to help keep allergens out of your home via your air ducts. This means that as your AC unit cools air that’s pushed into your home, it’s filtering it.

#5. Extended Vacations

Before air conditioning, the government would take extended vacations during the summer so that they could avoid the heat. With the introduction of AC units, people are now able to do more inside while it’s still hot outside.

What’s Next?

Air conditioning system technology is ever-advancing. HVAC systems are only going to get better. That’s why it’s important to keep your system maintained and functioning properly — to stay out in front of any issues. What’s more, AC units are lasting longer so that you can make your initial investment with confidence.

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