When you create the backyard of your dreams, you want everything to look aesthetically pleasing. However, if your clunky old air conditioning unit is creating an eyesore, you may want to conceal it. There are several ways you can conceal your AC unit, and we will go over some ideas in this blog. An important thing to keep in mind with these ideas that your air conditioner needs some space to properly function, so be sure not to block the unit from working. Whichever method you use, be sure that the unit has at least a few feet to itself.

Make a screen

One simple way to obscure your air conditioning unit is to build a screen around it. You can do something as simple as creating a small fence around it with plywood. You can stain this to match the exterior of your home, or decorate it in some other way to match your own personal aesthetic preferences.

Use plants

Plants are a simple and attractive way to create more privacy in your yard in general, but they can also be used to obscure your air conditioning unit. You could install some tall hedges around the unit, but don’t neglect to leave some room so the unit can work properly, and so we can get in there and fix it if a problem comes up! Another idea that may save you time and make it easier to access the unit is to plant tall ferns or flowers in large pots and line them up to obscure the unit.

Install a trellis

A beautiful way to obscure your AC unit is to install a trellis to shield it from view. You can plant climbing roses or ivy to crawl up the trellis, creating such a beautiful space in your yard that visitors will not even notice the unit behind it.

Plant a vertical garden

A new trend is gardening is vertical gardens, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Not only do they add interesting texture and color to your yard, they take up substantially less space than a traditional garden does. If you install a vertical garden to obscure your air conditioning unit, you can benefit from more plants and vegetables while adding an aesthetically pleasing element to your yard.

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