Like any other moving part of your home, the HVAC system will need periodic maintenance to keep in working order. Typically people wait to have their air conditioner repaired once a problem arises. Unfortunately at this point it may be too late. Yearly maintenance fees may pale in comparison to the price of a brand new AC unit when the one at home breaks down.

Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is much more cost effective in the end. Once an air conditioning unit is in need of repairs the bill may be much higher than planned upon. Regular maintenance and other small air conditioning services will also ensure that your AC unit will be ready to put out cold air on a moment’s notice. Here are other benefits associated with preventative air conditioning service:

  • Will help to prevent breakdowns that will have a huge impact on personal finances.
  • A well-maintained air conditioning unit will function more efficiently.
  • An efficient air conditioning system will reduce energy costs.
  • Regular maintenance will ensure that the air conditioning system is running safely with little to no chance of releasing fumes, mold, bacteria, or other harmful substances.
  • Preventative HVAC maintenance will also extend the life of the air conditioning system

Signs That an Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

While an air conditioning unit is sometimes thought of as a luxury, many people across the United States rely heavily upon their AC unit. For those that use their AC to cool their homes to a reasonable level, breakdowns of the unit is often unavoidable. Here are the most common signs that your air conditioning unit needs repair services through Lamco Systems Inc.:

  • Air conditioning unit will not turn on.
  • The unit is producing luke warm air. The problem is likely due to the compressor and will need professional AC repair services.
  • Low air flow. The ducts may be clogged or the compressor may be failing. Either way, this job should be completed by a professional
  • Loud noises may come from an AC unit when parts begin to fail.
  • Bad smells may also emit from the AC unit. These odors may be caused by faulty wiring, bacterial build up, or mold.
  • Leaks, condensation, or water puddles on or around the AC unit. These problems can range from mild (blocked drain) to severe (refrigerant leak).

Lamco Systems Inc. is fully licensed and experienced. All of our HVAC technicians are ready and willing to take on any air conditioning repair or maintenance job. We will make sure that an AC unit is back to full function in no time!