1. Will You Need AC In September?

    Summer is quickly coming to an end in Merrimack Valley, and with it, hopefully some cooler weather. However, there is the possibility that warm days will pop up here and there, and you’ll want to keep your air conditioner running so that your house stays comfortable. If you’ve noticed that your AC unit has been having trouble this summer, then contact the experts at Lamco Systems right away. W…Read More

  2. Summer Cooling Tips

    With summer less than two weeks away, it’s important to make sure that your home is ready for the warmer months of the year. While Merrimack Valley can enjoy mild weather throughout June, July and August can bring hot days that can quickly become unbearable, especially if your air conditioner isn’t working properly. With AC repair from Lamco Systems, you can rest comfortably, knowing that your…Read More

  3. Common AC Problems in the Summer Heat

    As summer temperatures approach, it’s important to make sure that your air conditioner is ready for the demand that you’re going to place upon it. You want your home to be comfortable all season long, but as the temperature increases, your AC unit could have a hard time keeping up. At Lamco Systems in Merrimack Valley, we can diagnose and repair your air conditioner problems, and it’s import…Read More

  4. What Are Your Summer Plans?

    It may only be the middle of April, but you’re likely already thinking about what you’re going to do once summer arrives. The kids are counting down the days until school is done, and you may have already scheduled time off from work. At Lamco Systems, we want to make sure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable summer, and with our professional air conditioning service in Merrimack Valley, …Read More

  5. Protecting Your Air Conditioning Unit from Damage

    It may only be the middle of March, and you’re likely still digging out from the latest Nor’easter that stormed through Massachusetts, but before you know it, you’ll need to turn on your air conditioner in order to keep your home cool and comfortable. At Lamco Systems, we can provide AC service and repair when you need it most, and in this post, we’ll look at some ways that you can protect…Read More

  6. Strange AC Noises and What They Mean

    We all know that appliances make noise, and we all know what sounds they should make when they’re running properly. The washing machine should sound like it’s filling up with water, and the coffee maker should sound like it’s brewing that first cup of joe in the morning. Your air conditioner also makes noise when it turns on, runs, and shuts off, but it’s important to know what noises your…Read More

  7. Choosing a New Air Conditioner

    The temperatures in Merrimack Valley have already reached the mid-90s, and if you’ve turned on your air conditioner only to find that it’s not working properly, you might be thinking about replacing it. While it can be better to replace your AC when it’s not sweltering outside, it’s still better to get a new, functional unit in place than try to suffer through the summer with a cooling sys…Read More

  8. Get Ready for Summer with an Expert AC Tune-Up

    May is nearly over, and in Merrimack Valley, residents are ready for warmer weather. Spring in northern Massachusetts can be chilly and there’s always the chance for some late season snow. However, once June arrives, people begin looking forward to warmer weather, and some may turn on their air conditioner for the first time this year. Before you do, it’s important to make sure your AC is in g…Read More

  9. New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

    Happy 2017! It’s a new year, which means it is time for a new you! At the beginning of the year, millions of people choose to use this opportunity for a fresh start by choosing a New Year’s resolution. Some people might be trying to lose weight, save money, or pursue their dreams. While these are all admirable goals, there is more to think about than yourself this time of year; you will also w…Read More

  10. 4 Ideas For Hiding Your AC Unit

    When you create the backyard of your dreams, you want everything to look aesthetically pleasing. However, if your clunky old air conditioning unit is creating an eyesore, you may want to conceal it. There are several ways you can conceal your AC unit, and we will go over some ideas in this blog. An important thing to keep in mind with these ideas that your air conditioner needs some space to prope…Read More