1. 5 Signs You Need A New Furnace

    While furnaces last a long time, when they need to be replaced, there are signs that it is time to have Lamco Systems come in and perform a furnace installation. Here are 5 common signs that a furnace needs to be replaced: High utility costs If you find that heating your home is suddenly costing you a lot more money, it may be that your furnace is worn out. Replacing your furnace is not inexpensiv…Read More

  2. Possible Reasons For Your Leaky Furnace

    Have you discovered that your furnace is leaky? Furnaces leaking water is a common complaint, and there are several potential causes. Here are possible reasons why your furnace is leaking. Condensation Leak You have a high-efficiency furnace if its vent pipes are made of PVC, and you have a standard-efficiency furnace if the pipes are metal. Condensation leaks are a common problem for high-efficie…Read More